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Meet our Awardees

Meet our award recipients

  • AASLD Foundation committed $4.06 million in funding for the 2018 Research and Career Development Awards. Meet the 2018 recipients.
  • This year, AASLD Foundation brought 62 promising early-career investigators to The Liver Meeting® to attend and present their work to an international audience. Meet the recipients.

See our researchers in action

With support from generous donors, AASLD Foundation proudly invests in innovative hepatology research and in the people, who study and treat liver diseases. At the core of our work are the talented researchers and clinicians who work tirelessly to find better treatments and more cures for liver diseases. Read more about our researchers and consider sharing your own research story with us.

Meet the residents in our Emerging Liver Scholars program

One of our best opportunities in finding tomorrow’s cures lies in the hands of the next generation of hepatology researchers and clinicians. Through our Emerging Scholars program, we began nurturing the interest in – and ability to have – a career in hepatology right as the best and brightest enter residency.

In 2018, the program is hosting 43 young physicians at The Liver Meeting® where they will network with each other and benefit time with an AASLD member/mentor from their institutions.

Learn how we are educating frontline health care providers

As the need for liver disease treatment, care and prevention continues to grow, so does the need for a well-versed multi-disciplinary care team. Frontline healthcare professionals are often the first to see liver disease patients in their clinics. It is important for these professionals to understand the fundamentals of liver disease to better help them diagnose, treat and refer (when appropriate) to hepatology.

Through our Fundamentals of Liver Disease program, AASLD Foundation provides free, CME- and CE-accredited online education to these valuable frontline health professionals to ensure early diagnosis and treatment for people with liver disease.

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