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Celebrating Our Highest Funding Level in the Past Decade

In 2017, AASLD Foundation marked its highest level of funding in the past decade — and the third highest in program history — by granting over $3.5 million to 114 future leaders in hepatology.

More specifically, AASLD Foundation granted:

This demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to providing critical funding for liver research, securing education and training for those caring for people with liver disease, encouraging young investigators new to the field and increasing access to trained providers for people with liver disease.

Ensuring a Comprehensive Awards Portfolio

AASLD Foundation’s awards portfolio is continuously reviewed and analyzed by the Research Awards Committee.

In 2017, the Foundation conducted a portfolio review, which led to key changes that strengthen its position as the largest private supporter of hepatology research and career development in the United States.

The Foundation created two new awards:

It also enhanced two awards:

Finally, the Foundation announced a new Autoimmune Hepatitis Fund [PDF] to stimulate research that will ultimately lead to better understanding of disease mechanisms, new diagnostics, better treatments and cures.

The funding AASLD Award recipients receive has a tremendous impact on their careers and on the overall advancement of hepatology.

For example, Research Award recipients who were funded between 2008 and 2015 reported that:

  • 48% have gone on to receive federal funding during or post award
  • 18 R Series, 13 K Series Awards received
  • They collectively have received nearly $24 million in NIH, DoD, or VA funding during or post AASLD / AASLD Foundation Award
  • AASLD funded research awardees are published in major scientific journals and present at hepatology meetings

Training Frontline Providers

AASLD Foundation continued to ensure primary care physicians and other health care providers who are on the front lines of implementing screening recommendations for liver diseases have educational resources at their fingertips through its Fundamentals of Liver Disease program.

This free, online program (offering CME/CE credits and MOC points) aims to improve providers’ knowledge and clinical skills in hepatology, which ultimately ensures access to care for patients.

In 2017, the Foundation introduced two new units to these frontline providers focusing on:

  • Abnormal Liver Tests

Maintaining a Strong Financial Position

In 2017, 87 cents of every dollar donated was spent directly on meeting the AASLD Foundation mission to invest in innovative hepatology research and in the people who study and treat liver disease.

This was accomplished by investing most of the money donated in programs and awards while maintaining low costs (13 percent) for leadership, operations and fundraising.

This achievement is considered a best practice for nonprofit organizations and shows the Foundation’s dedication to being a good steward of each-and-every dollar donated.

Other key financial achievements in 2017 include:

  • Increased total revenue by 54 percent from FY16 to FY17
  • Raised funds to support over $750,000 increase in funding for this awards cycle
  • Increased AASLD member donor participation rate to 13 percent participation from just under five percent (for FY17)
  • Achieved 100 percent of AASLD staff support of the Foundation

Learn more about AASLD Foundation financials by reviewing the fiscal year 2017 overview [PDF] and financial statement [PDF] (fiscal year 2017 runs July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017).

Thank You

Through their support in 2017, AASLD, hundreds of its members and staff, grateful patients and families, and our corporate supporters enabled us to fund more research and career development awards, travel and Emerging Liver Scholar Awards, and to deliver liver disease education to frontline health care professionals.

Your donations, and AASLD Foundation’s work, ultimately impact people with liver disease – giving them better treatments, access to care and hope for more cures.

Thank you for supporting our specialty, taking care of our patients and making AASLD Foundation your cause in 2017.