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Christina Lindenmeyer, MD
Gastroenterology Fellow, Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

I completed my Internal Medicine Residency at Thomas Jefferson University in 2014. I was a 2013 AASLD Emerging Liver Scholar, and I served as an Ambassador in 2015 and 2016. Most recently, I received the Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Award from the AASLD Foundation. I serve on two AASLD committees: Membership and Mentorship, and the Communications and Technology Committee. I also serve on the Early Career Investigators Task Force.

My development as an academic physician began with an introduction to basic science research and has grown into a dedication to the practice of evidence-based medicine. Through this evolution, I found transplant hepatology to be a field that combines each of my passions: clinical research, medical education and the cultivation of the long-term physician-patient relationship.

I have been fortunate to be influenced by mentors in hepatology who have helped me to develop as a clinician and to grow as a teacher, and I have taken an active role in medical student and resident mentorship. Currently, I teach liver anatomy and physiology, mechanisms of metabolic liver disease, as well as physical exam as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. I am committed to my continuing participation in the education of the next generation of physicians as part of my academic career.

I have found my role as scientist and as academic physician to be ultimately rooted in the cultivation of the physician-patient relationship. My patients have truly been my most influential teachers, and I aim to devote my career to growing long-term, therapeutic partnerships with my patients and their families.