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The Liver Fibrosis SIG is an interactive group of investigators focusing on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, development of therapeutics for liver fibrosis and outcomes. The goals of our SIG are to broaden our knowledge of the disease and to foster collaborations in basic and translational / clinical studies of liver fibrosis. The Liver Fibrosis SIG sponsors Programs at the AASLD Annual Meeting, identifies emerging topics in fibrosis research and develops educational webinar programs.


Watch the video recording [MP4] from their recent business meeting to learn what their focus will be in 2019.

Communications Subcommittee

  • Chair: VACANT
  • Member: Steve S. Choi, MD
  • Member: Tejasav Sehrawat, MBBS
  • Member: Muhammad Ashfaq Khan, Jr., PhD student

Education Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: VACANT
  • Vice-Chair: Sebastian Larion, MD
  • Member: Leila Gobejishvili, PhD
  • Member: Wing-Kin Syn, MBChB, PhD, FRCP, FACP, FEBGH
  • Member: Enass Abdel-Hameed, MD, PhD
  • Member: Elina Manzhalii, PhD
  • Member: Michael Fuchs, MD, PhD, FAASLD, AGAF, FEBG

Global Outreach Subcommittee

  • Chair: Yutaka Inagaki, MD, PhD
  • Member: Giada Sebastiani, MD
  • Member: Dan G. Duda, PhD, DMD
  • Member: Bo Kong, PhD

Membership and Mentorship Subcommittee

  • Chair: VACANT
  • Member: Abdullah M. S. Al-Osaimi, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Jian Wu, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Member: Katerina Klapcic, MD
  • Member: Thiago de Almeida Pereira, MS, PhD
  • Member: Petra Hirsova, PhD

SIG Leadership

  • Ekihiro Seki, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Yury Popov, MD, PhD
  • Robert F. Schwabe, MD
  • Kinji Asahina, PhD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • Heather L. Francis, PhD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • Neil C. Henderson, MD, MBChB, PhD
    Steering Committee
  • Yujin Hoshida, MD, PhD
    Steering Committee
  • Sebastian Larion, MD
    Steering Committee
  • Natalie J. Torok, MD, MSc, AGAF, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • John Lingerfelt
    Staff Liaison