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Hepatotoxicity is a phenotype of liver cell injury due to a multitude of causes including drugs, toxins, herbal and dietary supplements, and other agents. The goal of the AASLD Hepatotoxicity SIG is to promote and encourage research, education, and awareness regarding human hepatotoxicity. As such, individuals with any of the following interests and expertise are encouraged to partake in SIG activities.

  • Drug hepatotoxicity
  • Animal and cell culture models of hepatotoxicity
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms of hepatocyte death
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Herbal and dietary supplement induced liver injury
  • Regulatory issues involving drugs and HDS products
  • Acute Liver failure
  • Liver transplantation
  • Treatments for acute and chronic hepatotoxicity
  • Liver histopathology
  • Adverse drug events
  • Drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Nomenclature of hepatotoxicity


Watch the video recording [MP4] from their recent business meeting to learn what their focus will be in 2019.

Communications Subcommittee

  • Chair: Joseph Odin, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Vice-Chair: James F. Crismale, MD
  • Member: Hrishikesh V. Samant, MD
  • Member: Andreas Benesic, MD
  • Member: Abraham Koshy, MD, FAASLD

Education Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: Andrew Stolz, MD
  • Co-Chair: Victor J. Navarro, MD, FAASLD
  • Vice-Chair: Lily Dara, MD
  • Member: Saleh Alqahtani, MD, MBChB
  • Member: Nazia Qazi, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Supriya Kulkarni, PhD
  • Member: Debra Guss, DNP, ANP-C, ACRN
  • Member: Ruisi Wang, PhD

Global Outreach Subcommittee

  • Chair: Ayako Suzuki, MD, PhD, MSc
  • Vice-Chair: Omobonike Oloruntoba, MD
  • Member: Helma Pinchemel Cotrim, MD
  • Member: Harshad Devarbhavi, MD
  • Member: Lijuan Jiang, PhD
  • Member: Mariana Acuna, PhD
  • Member: Alexander L. Gerbes, MD, FAASLD

Membership and Mentorship Subcommittee

  • Chair: Paul H. Hayashi, MD, MPH
  • Member: Udayan Apte, PhD, DABT
  • Member: Sanda Win, MD, PhD
  • Member: Abubakr Adam, MD
  • Member: Shengmin Yan, PhD

SIG Leadership

  • Adrian Reuben, MBBS, FRCP, FACG, FAASLD
  • Wen-Xing Ding, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Hartmut Jaeschke, PhD, FAASLD
  • Raul J. Andrade, MD, PhD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • Raghubendra Dagur, PhD
    Steering Committee
  • Alexander L. Gerbes, MD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • Debra Guss, DNP, RN, ANP-C
    Steering Committee
  • Melissa Palmer, MD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • Ayako Suzuki, MD, PhD, MSc
    Steering Committee
  • Paul B. Watkins, MD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • John Lingerfelt
    Staff Liaison