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Jul 12

Inclusion of opportunities for participation of all of our members, and especially those who represent different constituencies, perspectives and cultures, is of paramount importance for AASLD.

Jul 05
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is the cluster of symptoms that may develop when someone who is alcohol dependent suddenly stops drinking. Alcohol affects many body systems, so the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome can vary widely. In this article, learn about the signs and symptoms, as well as...
Jun 29

In early 2017, multiple federal departments and agencies revised the federal policy governing the Protection of Human Subjects (often referred to as the “Common Rule”), which each department and agency adopted. The revised Common Rule was scheduled to become effective in early 2018, with general...

Member Spotlight

Colina Yim, RN, MN

Colina Yim is a nurse practitioner at the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease where she has worked for 3 decades.