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Sep 13
Although alcohol affects people in different ways and some people can drink more than others, drinking too much may cause a person to feel drunk. Learn more about the effects of alcohol by stage here.
Sep 13
Hepatitis C is a curable liver infection. With the appropriate treatment, it is possible to clear the virus within 12 weeks. Learn more here.
Sep 13
Epclusa is a brand-name prescription medication that’s used to treat hepatitis C virus (HCV) in adults. Epclusa contains two drugs in one tablet: velpatasvir and sofosbuvir. The tablet is taken once daily by mouth for 12 weeks. Learn about side effects, warnings, dosage, and more.

Member Spotlight

Adam Mikolajczyk, MD

AASLD member Dr. Adam Mikolajczyk is a third-year fellow in the combined ABIM GI/Transplant Hepatology Pilot Program at the University of Chicago.