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Nov 16

For the past 22 years, at this point in the year, we would be talking about how to get the government funded and off a Continuing Resolution. This year, however, for the first time since 1996, funding for the discretionary programs SGIM members care most about – NIH, CDC, AHRQ, VA research –...

Nov 16
Dandelion tea offers potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving cholesterol levels, and fighting flu. Most of the research is in vitro or uses animals, so more studies are necessary to confirm its effectiveness in humans. Learn more about the possible health benefits of...
Nov 15
The liver is a powerful organ that the hepatitis C virus can affect. The virus causes inflammation and can lead to scarring. The name for scarring of the liver is cirrhosis. People with both conditions may have more risk of liver failure. Learn more about the link between hepatitis C and cirrhosis...


Member Spotlight

Elie Ghoulam, MD

Leading up to The Liver Meeting® 2018, AASLD talks with a few 2018 Emerging Liver Scholars.